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MOTUL20/50 Motul 20/50 Classic Oil (5 litre)


Motul 20/50 Classic Oil (5 litre).

MOTUL CLASSIC OIL SAE 20W50 is a very high quality mild alloy mineral multigrade engine oil,

specially formulated for year-round use in vintage cars built from 1950 onwards. Also suitable for older motorcycles.

MOTUL Classic Oil SAE 20W50 meets the requirements of manufacturers from that time and offers the technological advantages of MOTUL lubricants:

  • Excellent lubrication, perfect corrosion protection.
  • Stable oil pressure and optimal compression.
  • Low oil consumption, reduced oil loss due to the viscosity SAE 20W50.
  • High warm viscosity guarantees optimal wear protection even under extreme driving conditions.
  • Compatible with all seals and bearing metals (bronze, copper or brass).
  • Excellent adhesion offers optimal protection even during longer downtimes.

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