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MOCOOL Motul Mo Cool Additive 500ml.


Mo Cool Additive 500ml.

Motul MoCool is a cooling fluid concentrate specially formulated for the race track application to reduce the engine operating temperature. Developed for state-of-the-art high-performance gasoline and diesel engines in lightweight aluminum (motorcycle, quad, car, truck, etc.).

By using a special formulation, the engine operating temperature is reduced, the water pump is protected against wear and an optimal performance is achieved.

Does not contain antifreeze components!

  • Improves heat exchange and reduces coolant temperature by up to 15 ° C and protects reliably against thermal overload
  • Neutral to the materials used in the cooling system
  • Particularly suitable for motors with aluminium or magnesium housings
  • Special formulation provides perfect corrosion protection for the entire cooling circuit
  • Prevents cavitation and protects the water pump from wear

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